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Ways of learning
Pro, con and the ideal compromise
Pros, cons and an ideal compromise



The classic way to teach and to learn – in classes supervised by a teacher – has become the established norm for the reason that this method has proven its effectiveness. It has many advantages and enjoys a fixed place in the current education system and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future.

Nevertheless, this conventional method of teaching has its weaknesses: pupils who find the courses insufficiently demanding or the pace too slow lose motivation and interest, feeling their time is not being used effectively. By contrast, pupils that are overwhelmed are reluctant to pose questions and may be unable to comprehend the material or benefit fully from the teaching.


In adult education, there is additionally a time problem. A seminar can only be started, when a sufficiently large and homogeneous group is brought together – i.e. when enough pupils have been identified sharing the same aims and premises.



The modern way of teaching and learning is e-learning. Thanks to digitalization and fast communication techniques a pupil is free to decide where and when he would like to learn. There is no doubt that e-learning will gain importance in the future.


E-learning overcomes some cons of the conventional approach of learning. However, it throws at the same time some of its central pros over board. Pupils having to fend on their own often do not have enough discipline to work methodically and thoroughly through the lessons. Furthermore, e-learning deprives the student not only of social integration and interaction, but also of the possibility to benefit from the help and support provided by fellow pupils.


p.r.o.f.i., a way learning developed by DEKRA Akademie in Germany and offered exclusively in Hungary by DEKRA Albasafe Akademie Kft. is the ideal compromise between conventional learning and e-learning.


The pros in detail…


p.r.o.f.i. is more flexible

 you can learn, when you have time


p.r.o.f.i. is faster

you can start whenever you want and you set the pace


p.r.o.f.i. is cheaper

because flexibility and speed mean savings in money
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