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DEKRA Akademie Kft.
Nyilvántartási szám:07-0190-05
Felnőttképzési engedély szám: E-000683/2014
Akkreditációs lajstromszám:AL 0088
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We shape quality

DEKRA Akademie sets news standards in formation and vocational training

In today’s world, companies and their employees are faced with permanently growing challenges. Changes in society and rapid technical advances demand ongoing adaptability and new qualifications. The learning process of the individual can no longer be restricted to the traditional, rigid education format of concentrating knowledge acquisition into one clearly defined period. Instead, it now needs to be a continuing process spread over the entire working life of the individual. The recognition of this fact, of the need for constant learning, means it is the training that has to be adapted to suit personal demands and not vice versa.

DEKRA Akademie is facing this challenge as a cross-sector education partner: with practice- oriented, innovative training concepts, high flexibility and tailor-made approaches. Thus we literally create quality. Because only high-quality formations and vocational trainings can lead to a fast improvement in standards and to a higher reliability of processes in daily work life. In accordance with this realisation, qualifications become an investment in the future, which benefit all parties: the job seekers, the employees, the companies and society.

The classical core fields of DEKRA Akademie are transport and logistics, technical safety and IT. The participants in our seminars, retraining programmes and individual vocational training programmes are working as employees or managers in the private and state sector, or as graduates, job seekers, and persons threatened by unemployment or persons returning to work.

Talk to us!
Telephone: (06 - 1) 487-1090

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